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Considering the Moon

My wife and I love moonrise at the beach, especially when it’s a full moon. We take our spot in the sand, sometimes with a few friends and some wine, and look over the surf to the horizon, waiting expectantly.  On a night when it is crisp and clear, the place where it always seems […]


None of us gets to choose our ancestors, but many are nonetheless fascinated with learning the details regarding our forebears.  One of the hottest gifts this Christmas season is a “23andMe” DNA kit, promising to reveal all kinds of surprises about who I am and where I come from, and not in any metaphysical sense:  […]

Clean Again

My wife, daughter and I are doing a “juice cleanse.”  We just couldn’t live with ourselves and how are bodies felt after four days of Thanksgiving excess.  Sure, we had 37 family and friends for the big meal, but two large turkeys and two whole hams? Plus all the fixins’? And 10 pies? After several […]

Redemption Song

My favorite stories are those of redemption, and I am sure that I’m not alone.  Think of great movies you’ve seen or books read, and chances are they involve one or more flawed characters who are faced with an opportunity to play a part in something bigger than themselves, like saving another person or even […]


Have you ever let someone down?  I know I have, and it’s tough to own up to and face the hurt and disappointment in the person, especially if it is someone you love.  As a parent, I can think of instances when I wasn’t able to measure up to my younger children’s lofty and unrealistic […]

Second Chances

In what may have been intended as “tough love,” my college friend was very blunt: “Face it, Chris, you’re just a mediocre baseball player.”  He was right, but it was still tough to hear as I wondered if all of the daily practices and off-season training were worth my relegated position to the bullpen as […]

Mahatma Gandhi is widely attributed with saying “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  Although I’ve not confirmed that in any of his writings or interviews, and scholars doubt that he said those words, there is no doubt that the sentiment strikes a chord with […]

Hit and Miss

We have all heard or used the expression “hit or miss,” usually referring to one’s approach in attempting to hit a target or achieve a goal.  But have you ever recognized the possibility that one could hit the target, exactly as intended, and still not achieve the desired goal? That point was driven home to […]

The Question

As a trial lawyer, I often think of asking that one question that will turn a case.  It may be in cross-examination of a plaintiff or defendant, but in my mind it is a question at the most dramatic point of a trial that exposes the truth about a claim or defense. Recognition of Need […]

Sometimes God shows up in unexpected places. It’s not so much that you expressly and instantly recognize God in a particular moment or encounter; rather, you just have a nagging sense during it or soon afterwards that something bigger is going on than meets the eye. Songwriter/guitarist Phil Keaggy captured this phenomenon in his song […]