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Redemption Song

My favorite stories are those of redemption, and I am sure that I’m not alone.  Think of great movies you’ve seen or books read, and chances are they involve one or more flawed characters who are faced with an opportunity to play a part in something bigger than themselves, like saving another person or even […]


I visited a man in prison. It’s a remarkable and lengthy process to request and gain approval for a visit, and once the paperwork is done, the additional process of getting inside the facility on the day of the visit is also quite involved.  The layers of fences, each crowned in ominous razor wire, are […]

Second Chances

In what may have been intended as “tough love,” my college friend was very blunt: “Face it, Chris, you’re just a mediocre baseball player.”  He was right, but it was still tough to hear as I wondered if all of the daily practices and off-season training were worth my relegated position to the bullpen as […]