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While hiking in the Nevada mountains over Christmas, I came upon a stand of Western White Pines.  Included were a couple of individual trees that grew so close to each other that they fused together over time.  The tops of each tree remained separate, but the base and first 7 feet or so of each tree […]

Second Chances

In what may have been intended as “tough love,” my college friend was very blunt: “Face it, Chris, you’re just a mediocre baseball player.”  He was right, but it was still tough to hear as I wondered if all of the daily practices and off-season training were worth my relegated position to the bullpen as […]

Upside Down

In his book The Divine Conspiracy, the late Dallas Willard gives the analogy of a fighter pilot becoming disoriented and flying upside down without realizing it[1]. In that circumstance, even thoughtful and well-intentioned actions can yield catastrophic results. It is a powerful reminder that we as people can become so disoriented in our fundamental conclusions […]