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While driving through Taylor County in North Central Florida, my eyes were drawn to a large sign advertising a “Fusion Buffet”, which struck me at first as a little progressive for this rural area.  It shared a pedestal with a sign for a motel, and beneath the headline of the sign were smaller words that […]

Keeping It Simple

Some people describe what being a Christian means in very complicated terms.  They point to various doctrinal statements and propositions about God, Jesus and the Bible, and insist that embracing them makes one a Christian, and applying them constitutes “the Christian life.” Never mind that a multitude of other churches claiming the name of Jesus […]

Judge Not…

There are two primary strategies employed by self-righteous, religious people through the millennia to convey the message to anyone who may be listening that “We’re better than you.”  The first, discussed in last week’s blog post, is “religious grand-standing,” that is, calling attention to one’s own good works and religious acts.  The other, which we […]

When Henry David Thoreau observed over 160 years ago that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”[1], I am pretty sure he had no inkling of specific problems we struggle with in the 21st century.  I mean, how could he possibly foresee the national emergency which is the epidemic of opioid addiction, or the […]


I was lost in the woods once.  It was frustrating because I was several days into a trek across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with a group of guys.  When we started out, we were young college students in search of adventure, but after a week in the rugged Northwoods, we were really just cold, hungry and […]

The story is told in Luke 9:52-56 of Jesus and his disciples heading toward Jerusalem but seeking to stay in a Samaritan village along the way. Jesus was, by this time, a “rock star” in those parts of the world—a bona fide celebrity with whom people loved to rub shoulders. His ministry was firmly established, and […]

Faith and Doubt

I once heard a man say, in the context of contending with his son’s devastating injury, that “faith makes no provision for doubt.” I think I understood what he meant, although I couldn’t understand his decision that he explained with those words. He was a deeply committed Christian, and his earnest prayer was for his […]

Upside Down

In his book The Divine Conspiracy, the late Dallas Willard gives the analogy of a fighter pilot becoming disoriented and flying upside down without realizing it[1]. In that circumstance, even thoughtful and well-intentioned actions can yield catastrophic results. It is a powerful reminder that we as people can become so disoriented in our fundamental conclusions […]