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4th of July

If you’ve never been to a Naturalization Ceremony, where immigrants are sworn in as new citizens of The United States, you should look up the schedule at your local federal courthouse and go sometime.  I’ve been to several over the years in a variety of capacities, and they are the most uplifting of events.  Smiles […]


I visited a man in prison. It’s a remarkable and lengthy process to request and gain approval for a visit, and once the paperwork is done, the additional process of getting inside the facility on the day of the visit is also quite involved.  The layers of fences, each crowned in ominous razor wire, are […]

I’m not a fan of horror movies.  In the few I have seen, I found myself shielding my eyes and even trying to stop my ears.  It is rather embarrassing cowering next to my wife who, although not a fan of the genre either, stares at the screen through every gory detail. A Field Trip […]