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Thanksgiving Eve

On the eve of Thanksgiving, in the last few quiet moments we will experience at my house for the next several days— before the kids return home from school or their working lives, before my sisters and their families fly/drive in from distant places, before I see my Mom, and my Dad and his wife […]

When I was 6 years old, I asked my parents about learning a musical instrument.  They said they would be happy to help, and I could choose the instrument I wanted to play.  There was a condition, though.  Whatever I chose, I would need to take lessons, and be sure to practice.  Every day.  I […]


Employee compensation is often discussed in two components: salary and benefits. When we are young, the salary part tends to grab our attention, but as we age, our focus often becomes more about the benefits provided by an employer. The fact is that employee benefits are highly important and valuable at the beginning and every […]