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Employee compensation is often discussed in two components: salary and benefits. When we are young, the salary part tends to grab our attention, but as we age, our focus often becomes more about the benefits provided by an employer. The fact is that employee benefits are highly important and valuable at the beginning and every […]


A local man won the Florida lottery a couple weeks ago.  He was beaming with his oversized “check” of $2 Million before taxes, and I’m sure that he will buy something that he’s always wanted.  I laughed to myself that the jackpot was “low,” and thought how I only bought a ticket when the Powerball […]


I have a friend and law partner who is a very smart guy. His academic pedigree is impressive enough, but his insightful brilliance and careful attention to detail have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a top-shelf transactional lawyer. When discussing a deal, or even some deep, spiritual topic, he has a practice of giving […]